Baby Fortuna

55,00 incl, btw

Limited Edition Baby Fortuna Charms!

Fortuna vulva/fascinus charm made of Fairmined black silver. Handmade in my own studio.
Limited edition small charms for a small price. Every charm is unique.
Sizes vary from 4 to 8 millimeter. These are small charms!
Please check if you chose the correct shape.
Chain not included, but you can buy them here!
Free shipping in The Netherlands. Ofcourse pickup in Arnhem is also possible.

By choosing Fairmined gold you are investing in a better future for people and planet. Miners are paid a fair wage thanks to an agreed premium.


Fortuna: In ancient Roman religion, the fascinus was the symbol of the sacred phallus. People protected themselves by wearing phallic symbols and casting spells. The phallus was not only a symbol of sexuality, but also a powerful weapon against the malus oculus or "evil eye". The symbol was everywhere in streets and buildings. The vulva was not often present as a symbol. Yet it can certainly not be missing in our time as a powerful symbol.



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