The goldsmith who makes your jewelry

My name is Sharon Wiemelink and I am the goldsmith behind Armoise.
In my studio in Keijenborg (Gelderland, NL) , motifs from Classical Antiquity and nature are brought to life in special jewellery.

Goudsmid Sharon Wiemelink.

Photography by Maan Limburg

Long before my training as a goldsmith in Schoonhoven, I became enchanted by many found treasures from lost times that have been brought together again in museums and other collections. I started studying small objects, such as pots, jewellery, beads, vials, amulets and figurines. Finding out what civilization, culture, people, and customs are behind these objects excited me. I just couldn't let go of these objects. Learning the craft of goldsmithing was the way for me to bring to life my connection with these old objects and motifs.

Would the makers of these ancient objects have been aware of what they left behind on the earth? Anyway, I believe that every maker today should have that awareness. 

That is why in 2020, I decided I wanted to work with Fairmined precious metals. To achieve this I launched a crowdfundingcampaign at Voordekunst. This was a succes and it resulted in my first Fairmined collection.


At our place of residence on the edge of an Achterhoek village I work in a small studio at home. Here we grow food and create a pleasant living environment for ourselves, but also for all other living beings. These are plants, humans, animals and microbes.
Dit doen we op basis van  regeneratieve principes, gelijkheid en wederkerigheid. 

There are also domesticated animals living here that needed a forever home for various reasons. I hope to be able to continue to do this and grow in the future. My work as a goldsmith at Armoise is really close connected to this. I would like to take you on this adventure through my work, words and images and hope to be able to inspire you.

Armoise x Evaluna

SSince 2023 I have been working with the experienced couturier Irene Schaepman of Evaluna Couture. In her shop in the Arnhem Fashion District she combines her (bridal) couture with my jewelry and other artisanal products. An inspiring experience to complete your wedding or other special occasion. You can therefore visit me in my quiet ''Achterhoek'' studio as well as in the vibrant city of Arnhem.

Irene and other crafters also give various master classes here, such as embroidery techniques, corset making, making a Chanel jacket and I will soon be able to supplement this with a workshop on making silver buttons.

Irene Schaepman en Sharon Wiemelink.