This is a brief overview with information about payment, delivery, shipping and warranty.
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Webshop orders can be paid via Ideal or Paypal. When you order via Instagram, email or other ways, I will send you a payment request. Purchases in my studio can be paid by debit card or exact cash payment.

Alle bestellingen worden verzekerd verzonden met Mikropakket. Dit kost €8,70. Bij het in ontvangst nemen is een handtekening verplicht. Ik verzend twee keer per week met Mikropakket. Vaak wordt je bestelling dan de volgende werkdag bezorgd. Uiteraard is het ook mogelijk om je bestelling op te halen in Keijenborg of Arnhem.

Delivery time
After receiving payment I will get to work. Some jewelry is not immediately in stock, so take into account about 14 days for delivery. If it will take longer than 14 days, you will always be notified. This only applies to jewelry from the webshop. With customization, the delivery time usually differs and will be discussed during our consultation. 

Canceling your order
You can cancel orders made in the webshop within 48 hours if they have not yet been shipped. Please contact me via

Canceling bespoke jewelry
Before I start making the chosen design in material, I ask for a deposit of 1/ of the total price. This is to cover the cost of purchasing materials. In the event of cancellation of the order, this deposit will not be reimbursed. However, this will be deducted from the total price if the assignment does go ahead.

If for any reason your product is not to your liking upon delivery, please contact me within 7 days. An incorrectly reported ring size or a different length of chain are not covered by the right of return. Traces of use, wear, or breakage of gemstones are not covered by the warranty. Precious metal is very strong and durable, if handled correctly. Click here to read more about the proper treatment and maintenance of your jewellery.
Information and instructions about returning your jewelry (after consultation) can be found within the Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions
Although I carry out repairs with the utmost care and expertise, it can always happen that the repair fails. This may be because the material of an old piece of jewelry is polluted, worn or weakened, for example. Gemstones can also contain wear or fractures that are not visible to the naked eye. The gemstone can break when opening the setting. When accepting a repair, I will always first make a risk analysis. I am not liable for any damage to your jewelry during the repair.

When I'm going to make a piece of jewelry from your old gold, I always test the content of your gold first. Old gold may be contaminated and this may not become apparent until it is melted down. In many cases I can still make jewelry from this gold. You will always get your material back, but it will no longer be in the old state. I am not liable for this.

If you have any questions about the general terms and conditions, please contact me at